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On-Demand CISO Services

InsureSec is your trusted CISO partner for cyber security solutions to protect your valuable insurance data. We provide you with a range of information security services that will help you define a security strategy, identify and remediate threats and risks, select and implement the right tools and technology, and collect and monitor required reports.


Peace of mind knowing that you have the right security measures in place.

Direct access to on-demand CISO services when you need them.

Qualified and experienced resources to maintain your certification and ensure compliance requirements are met.

Proactive information security risk management to avoid threats and attacks.

Up-to-date information on new compliance and security regulations.

Managed Policies, Procedures, and Audits

We’ve worked with auditors – we know what they’re looking for and where to find it. When you use InsureSec as your CISO, we help you write the policies and procedures that your auditors and trade partners want. But we don’t just get you set up – we also assist with the implementation and enforcement of your new policies to protect your valuable information.

  • Craft policies and procedures geared toward auditors
  • Preemptively collect information to ensure a smooth reporting process
  • Provide guidance on implementation of new policies and procedures
  • Work with you on enforcement of existing policies and procedures

Managed Security Services

Most of the work of maintaining security isn’t glamorous – it involves mundane tasks and repetition. InsureSec handles the tedious back end of ensuring that your network and your data are protected around the clock, from recommending the perfect tools for your company through analyzing the data they generate. Our familiarity with industry-leading tools means we can easily pull the right data to simplify your audits.

  • Recommend security tools specifically for your company
  • Assist with implementation to fully secure your systems
  • Monitor systems to catch threats and act quickly to minimize them
  • Manage data collected in order to easily access needed information

Managed Software Security

InsureSec offers software security protection so that you can rely on your code to work for you and not against you. Through testing, training, and reviewing, we analyze your software continuously. Our background is in software engineering, meaning we know what to look for, how to prevent holes, and what to do if we find one.

  • Continuously review existing software for weaknesses
  • Assist with creation and development of new software systems to maximize security
  • Advise developers on ideal security measures customized to your setup
  • Manage internal and external software threats and make adjustments as needed

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We offer a range of services and plans depending on your security needs.

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